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Incident Report 05/01/19 #2

Shortly after arriving at the bar, I was notified by 3 staff that a group that had been there for a few hours had been put off tap, this was fine as we would let them finish their drinks and let them leave on their own accord, however they started using racial slurs against our bar staff and other customers, so I went out there to tell them to stop and enforce their departure

They kept saying how they weren’t drunk and my staff were being prejudice cunts and when frank hears about this he will sort em out, then they said if we didn’t let them have another they would take their business elsewhere and I said that’s exactly what we asked for.

There was a small argument between one of the people using racial slurs and ferg who told them not to abuse bar staff, but it was stemmed and they were removed, I talked to ferg about arguing with people who were leaving as it might lead to a fight.

They kept swearing and abusing me and random patrons (who had children beside them) on their way out so im not letting any of them back in, I cant attach photos had the high def cameras are down atm ill try get printouts of the normal cameras.

Levi Khan

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Incident Report 05/01/19

Upon arriving on the premises by bus at 5:40ish, ben and I noticed an aboriginal couple sitting between some cars, I noticed that the female had urinated her pants so I immediately went inside, signed


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