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Incident Report 05/01/19

Upon arriving on the premises by bus at 5:40ish, ben and I noticed an aboriginal couple sitting between some cars, I noticed that the female had urinated her pants so I immediately went inside, signed on and went back out to deal with them

Upon asking them to leave they refused saying they wanted to police to take them home, I realised that the female was too drunk to even walk so I called the police as requested, I asked the couple their names before calling and told the operator or 131 444 and after hearing their names sent 2 cars immediately, as they were both wanted.

I told both the operator on the phone and the responding police that we had not served them and we refused their entry.

The female “beverly” was arrested for breach of DVO and the other half was arrested for something else but I wasn’t in earshot of that.

Levi Khan

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