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INCIDENT 27/10/18

Just after 1am on the 27th of October staff member Christopher Buzza told me that the staff might need me out the back. When I exited the veranda automatic door I could see a large group of people an in it one indigenous male patron approximately 20 years of age (Patron A) was being restrained by another patron. I immediately attempted to stop those approaching the Patron A aggressively and after moving one away I had another indigenous male also approximately 20 years of age (Patron B) approach, remove his shirt and start yelling threats at Patron A. I removed patron B and stopped his attempts to continue his fight with Patron A. I gathered from what was being said that the initial fight had been between these two patrons but I am unaware who actually started the fight. I told Patron B and the friends that had exited with him to leave the premises immediately and they walked some way down the driveway. At this point Patron A and his friends exited the premises. The friends all began to insult each other and attempted to get the instigators to continue their fight. Myself and security office Guar Gill managed to stop any major fight out the front by keeping the main offenders separated but I asked staff member Ben Kenafake to call the police due to the number of people involved and the serious risk of a brawl breaking out. At this point another patron exited the premises and informed me that a young woman had been knocked of her chair in the fighting and had dislocated her knee. I told her to tell the bar staff to call an ambulance immediately as I was afraid if I left the front of the premises the fighting would continue. I also sent Duty Manager Jeffery McClarnon to stay with the injured woman as he also holds a senior first aid certificate. After lots of threats and posturing by the groups most of them eventually left so I asked Guar to stay out the front to make sure nothing else occured and returned inside to get incident reports and check on the injured woman. I was quickly informed by Christopher that the police had arrived. I found them at the entry to the veranda area and they asked to see the injured woman. Oce they were with her I retrieved photgraphs of Patron A and Patron B and provided them to the police. At this point the time was around 1:20 and I asked Jeff to go and stop all service and remove the tills which he immeiately did. I then began recording details fo the injury on our Incident Report forms. A friend of the girl provided me with her name, age and address but did not have a contact number for her.

Matthew Cullen

Night Manager

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Licensing received a referral by the police stating that "Intoxicated persons" were fighting on the premises. Senior compliance officer attended the club and after reviewing the footage of the incident as well as our incident reports was content that the persons involved were not showing any signs of intoxication while they were on the premises and stated that he would be recommending the complaint be dismissed. It was also pointed out that police did not attend until after the persons involved in the altercation had dispersed and made no arrests and so would have no actual knowledge of their sobriety.


The injured girl has made contact and advised that in contact with a lawyer and will be…

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