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Incident 10/11/18

At 9:20pm staff member Ben Kenafake called me and informed me that a banned patron known as "Blake" was walking up the driveway. He had received a one month ban for yelling and swearing in the gaming room repeatedly and making threats to staff when he was asked to leave with the ban due to expire on the 14/11/18. He walked in a moment later and I approached him and told him that his barring from the premises didn't expire until the 14th and asked him to leave. He argued that his barring expired on the 12th. I told him that either way today was the 10th and his barring had not expired. At this point he said "your lucky I don't stab you" and raised a pen, followed by "but I won't". I took the pen out of his hand and he continued to state that his barring was until the 12th and demanded to see our barring of him. I told him that if he would follow security officer Guar to the front door I would bring a copy of his barring out to show show him. He then grabbed me and pulled me a step towards the door saying "no fucking come outside". I pulled away from him and told him to keep his hands off me at which point he got as close to me as he could, I believe attempting to aggravate me into pushing him away. I stepped back and told him again that he could follow Guar out the front and I would bring out his barring to show him. He at this point complied and went with Guar out the front. I retrieved a copy of his barring and took it out the front and showed him the date he was barred until at which point he grabbed my crotch area. I pushed his arm away and stepped back one again telling him to keep his hands to himself at which point he again stepped as close as he could to me and kept asking "What you say". I again stepped back and told him that he needed to leave the premises. After some argument by him he eventually stepped down off the entryway and stopped arguing so I left Guar on the door to ensure the he did not attempt to re-enter.

Matthew Cullen

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