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Incident 09/11/18

At around 8pm I was alerted to a disturbance in the carpark. When I got there I was informed by a patron that she had heard someone "Banging on" one of the sheds near the pro-shop before seeing an indigenous youth run off across the course. I investigated and found a sledge hammer on the ground in front of the ice machine. On closer inspection I found the youth had attempted to break the lock off the chest freezer next to the ice machine however was unsuccessful managing only to make some minor damage to the freezer and bend down the latch. Police were called and I had superintendent Kirsty attend to ensure nothing had been taken from the machinery shed (assuming that the sledge hammer had been taken from there) but she informed me that the sledge hammer did not belong to the club and after inspecting the shed she couldn't find anything missing. Police attended around 2 hours later, and took information and the sledge hammer.

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Incident Report 05/01/19

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